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Neil Tucker's story is one of resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of passion. Despite facing life-altering challenges, Neil's love for aviation never faltered. From his exhilarating first solo flight at 17 to defying odds and taking to the skies again in 2019, Neil's journey exemplifies the power of the human spirit.

In 2014, Neil's life took a drastic turn after a horrific motorcycle accident left him profoundly disabled, robbing him of a leg and the use of his left arm. But Neil refused to let his circumstances ground his dreams. Determined to fly once more, Neil found solace and support at Aerobility, a UK-based charity dedicated to providing access to the magic of flight for individuals with disabilities.

With the help of Aerobility's disabled pilot training program, Neil earned his pilot's wings late in 2019, marking a monumental achievement in his journey of triumph over adversity. But Neil's story doesn't end there. As a trustee of the charity, he now plays a vital role in changing lives, just as his was changed.

But Neil's call to action extends beyond his own experiences. He invites you to join him in making a difference through the purchase of the Aerobility watch, a stunning Swiss-made watch crafted in collaboration with The Flyer Watch Company.

Neil said, "In 2014, I became disabled in a horrific motorcycle accident, and in 2018, I came to Aerobility for my first flight; Aerobility took me from a very dark corner to a place of 'laughter silvered wings.' Now, as a Trustee of the charity, I play a small part in changing lives forever. Why don't you play a part too? Every one of these unique timepieces purchased will pay for a flight for a person living with a disability. You'll change a life and get a great timepiece to boot. I just had to buy one!”

The Aerobility watch features a Swiss-made chronograph movement, a stainless steel case, genuine leather strap, and 100m water resistance, blending practicality with style for its wearer. But its true beauty lies in the impact it makes on the lives of others.

For every Aerobility watch sold, The Flyer Watch Company generously donates the cost of a special flight experience, providing disabled individuals with the opportunity to soar through the skies and discover their own sense of freedom and capability.

But the impact doesn't end there. Customers who purchase an Aerobility watch are invited to a special open day at Blackbushe, where they can witness firsthand the transformative work of Aerobility and meet the inspiring individuals behind the charity.

Founded in 1993, Aerobility's mission is to empower disabled individuals through the magic of flight, fostering a sense of capability and freedom that extends far beyond the clouds. With a fleet of four aircraft and headquarters at Blackbushe, Aerobility supports nearly 1,000 disabled people each year, offering once-in-a-lifetime experience flights, subsidised flying, and invaluable advice and advocacy for disabled individuals interested in aviation.

The Flyer Watch Company, a British, family-owned brand with over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, shares Aerobility's passion for dreams taking flight. Through scholarships and charitable initiatives, The Flyer Watch Company is committed to making dreams a reality for aspiring pilots, bridging the gap between ambition and opportunity.

The partnership between Aerobility and The Flyer Watch Company represents a shared commitment to empowerment, inclusivity, and the boundless potential of every individual. Together, they aim to inspire others to believe in the power of dreams and the endless possibilities that lie within each person.

Join Neil and countless others in turning dreams into reality with the Aerobility watch. Visit and to learn more about how you can make a difference today.

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