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At the House of Commons this week, we learnt more information about Generation Aviation, a multifaceted project aimed at creating an aviation workforce that is prepared for the future.  This initiative's goals include raising awareness about opportunities in aviation, eliminating obstacles to access, and drawing in a diverse range of talented individuals ready to tackle new technologies and decarbonisation prospects.

The Generation Aviation Group is a collective of government departments, aviation and aerospace industries, the third sector, and other stakeholders who are working together with the Department for Transport. They are collaborating to meet immediate resources needs, ensure long-term skills development, enhance diversity and inclusivity, and draw in the next generation of aviation professionals.

Department of Transport Aviation Ambassadors for 2024 Hannah Wells, Alice Goodwin, and Jack Jenner-Hall unveiled the inclusivity roadmap in partnership with The Air League  This roadmap underscores the significance of diversity and inclusivity in the aviation industry and presents key goals, which include:

  •  Expanding access to career opportunities

  •  Crafting an adaptable and equitable work environment

  •  Opportunity to engage business leaders

  •  Facilitating learning opportunities

  •  Acknowledging colleagues' accomplishments

Collectively, they are advocating for a more diverse and inclusive aviation industry, where everyone has equal chances to succeed.

Let's keep backing Generation Aviation in their quest to motivate the next generation of aviation professionals and build an industry that is welcoming and fair to everyone.

A heartfelt appreciation to The Air League, Gliding, University of West London, Mark Garnier, Lockheed Martin & Draken Europe for their efforts in organising the Inclusivity in Aviation reception at the Houses of Parliament. It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone, and the insightful words from Charlotte Storey were truly motivational. Kudos to everyone who contributed to this event and looking forward to our next encounter!

Generation Aviation Air League

Inclusivity in aviation reception


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