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This week, David from The Flyer Watch Company visited Herefordshire Aero Club, located at Shobdon. David shared his unique journey in the aviation world, which began with bush flying in the exotic realms of Indonesia for Susi Air. What followed was a successful transition into the bustling airlines of Europe, demonstrating the diversity and adaptability that a career in aviation can offer.

David's visit was not just about sharing his personal experiences, but also about inspiring the next generation of aviation enthusiasts. He doled out valuable career advice to young people who are just setting foot in this fascinating field, providing them with insights from years of navigating the aviation industry.

But the talk was not all about the glamour and challenges of aviation. David also introduced the audience to the heartwarming mission of The Flyer Watch Company. We are committed to making dreams take flight – quite literally. We produce high quality, affordable watches that go beyond being mere time-keeping devices. Each watch is a symbol of hope for those who have always dreamt of flying but find the dream out of reach due to various reasons.

In an exciting revelation, David unveiled The Flyer Watch Company's new partnership with Aerobility. This collaboration promises to create an even greater impact, helping to bring the joy and freedom of flying to more people across the globe. This partnership is a testament to their shared mission of making aviation more accessible to all.

Herefordshire Aero Club, Shobdon



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