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The Air League Logo

The Air League, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, is dedicated to the advancement of aviation and aerospace. It is renowned as the largest provider of scholarships and bursaries in these fields in the UK.


The main goal of the Air League is to inspire, enable, and support the next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals from diverse backgrounds across the country. Every year, thousands of individuals, including disadvantaged youth and injured servicemen and women, benefit from the support offered by the Air League.


Originally established in 1909 as "The Aerial League of The British Empire," the Air League was created in response to the perceived lack of progress and interest in aviation in the UK. Its founders recognized the importance of aviation for both commercial and national defense purposes and sought to emphasize its significance. Their concerns were validated when the First World War erupted five years later, and Britain's commitment to aviation allowed it to develop and produce competitive aircraft. In 1938, the Air League established the Air Defence Cadet Corps, which has since evolved into the Air Training Corps.

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